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Published on 23-06-2024
Are you undecided whether to buy this product? We have analyzed for you about 1128 reviews for Old Spice Body Wash for Men, Captain Scent of Command, 21 Fl Oz (Pack Of 4) trying to understand the sentiment of the users after the purchase.

Very often, in fact, the rating that you read on websites does not reflect the true opinion that the user really has on the product, but thanks to a sentiment analysis during the evaluation process, we can establish whether the user was really happy or not .

Before moving on to the reviews analysis, let's take a look at the features of the Old Spice branded product:

Old Spice Red Collection: Exceptional Scents for Exceptional Gents
Captain smells like the bold determination it takes to stare down the open ocean and laugh, with an invigorating splash and fresh sandalwood
Step out of the shower fresher and manlier than ever
Old Spice Men's Body Wash cleans away dirt and odor
So easy to use, you might accidentally wash with it and only later realize your man-nificence

Speaking about the price, we have searched online among hundreds of the most reliable sites (with very fast shipping) and in our opinion these are the best offers ever:
We are certainly talking about an interesting product, but what do people think after they have bought it?

The reviews analysis shows a level of happiness after the purchase of 70 out of 100.

It seems that customers are really happy with the purchase and would probably buy the product again. Apparently 1128 reviews tell us that the happiest customers have certainly enjoyed the product for price ! those most disappointed, instead, are not satisfied for color .

We have tried to recap the reasons why customers recommend or advise against this product:
8 reasons to buy it:
  • The product is good overall
  • The materials are of high quality
  • Practical and economical
  • Excellent construction materials
  • The price is good
  • Fun and well finished
  • Very easy to apply
  • Product compliant with what is described
2 reasons NOT to buy it:
  • Poor quality product
  • Now unusable

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